Android GPS provides mobile developers with access to a range of android mobile maps and gps source code templates that allow j2me and/or new android developers to learn android quickly and make the most of vector street map application for android mobile phones.

We believe time is precious asset so we worked very hard to provide you simple approach to learn a new software development language: instead of spending one month to learn android to develop a mobile gps application for android phones, you can buy Android GPS source code templates from our website.

Our Android GPS source code templates were accumulated our experience in mobile gps development and process of porting mobile gps code from j2me platform to android platform. It will save you a lot of time.

Android GPS Highlights

  • Are you a J2ME developer who wants to switch to develop mobile application in android platform?
  • Are you a graduate or university student who wants to complete your mobile GPS project for your thesis?
  • Are you a new android learner and want to learn: how to customize android application menu depend on which view is showing on the screen? how to use thread to listen to GPS update in the background and refresh the main screen in the foreground? how to use the phone’s sensor to detect user’s orientation and automatic rotate compass? how to use android SQLite database to store application settings? how to wrap android SQLite database to use like J2ME record store? how to use double buffer (off-screen buffer) to speed up graphic drawing performance? how to inflate menus and user interface (UI) views in program code at run-time without the need of pre-define menus and views in android’s resource menu and layout? how to use ant script to build, sign and release package? how to use Proguard to obfuscate android source code to protect it from decompiling DEX into Java sourcecode? how to remove your GPS application completely from memory when user wants to exit so that your GPS application will not run in the background to save the phone battery? (For your information, there is no “closing application” or “exiting application” concept in android OS design model. Android OS will try to keep all running applications in memory as long as possible. It only kills a running application if there is not enough memory.)
  • Are you a professional android developer who is looking for rotating and/or routing algorithms to implement AutoRouting function for your subway map or vector street map application?

If you answer Yes to one of these questions above, we have solution for you.

You can download andgps/androtating/androuting here or download from Google Android Market (search for andgps/androtating/androuting application) to try on your phone before buy andgps’s source code templates to view all programming techniques mentioned in Highlights section above.

All our source code templates include Proguard and an Ant script to build and release package ready for Marketplace deployment in one step. The Ant build.xml script is configured to use build properties file, and is integrated with Proguard to obfuscate the android release package.

To use the Ant build.xml script in our source code templates, what you need to do is download Ant and put it in c:\ant folder. Then you set 3 environment variables as below:

ANT_HOME = c:\ant
JAVA_HOME = c:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_21 (we recommend you use JDK v6)
Path = c:\ant\bin;c:\ant\lib;c:\android-sdk-windows;c:\android-sdk-windows\tools

ant environment variables

ant environment variables

Finally, you just need to run ant release to build, obfuscate, sign and release the package:

ant script to with ProdGuard

ant script to optimize and obfuscate andgps with ProdGuard

Order Android GPS source code templates

Android GPS Source Code Template. Connect android phone to GPS receiver.

  • Connect android phone to internal GPS receiver and retrieve GPS data
  • Parsing syntax and display GPS data in human readable format
  • GPS listener and application control processes are running in 2 different threads. This will allow real-time tracking GPS location while application can do other tasks.

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Android GPS Source Code (US$19.90). Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

Android Rotating Source Code. Rotate vector street map in any angle.

  • Rotate point, polyline, polygon in any angle
  • Only use integer calculation
  • Android rotating solution for vector street map and vector railway/subway map applications

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Android Rotating Source Code (US$19.90). Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

Android Routing Source Code. Find fastest/shortest route using A* algorithm.

  • World’s fastest implementation of A* algorithm for android phones that can handle million of nodes.
  • Android routing solution for vector street map and vector railway/subway map applications

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Android Routing Source Code (US$29.90). Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

After you make payment, please allow us one working day to send the source code to you.

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