The Fate of the Nook Color, Post Fire [ICS]

Before the release of the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet (NT), we had the Nook Color, it was the go to tablet for developers who were on a budget.   Why had it received such attention from so many in the development community? Well the reasons are simple. For the price, it had a great screen and also had solid build quality. Many other tablets at that price could not hold a candle to the Nook Color on these terms.

Fast forward to today, and we ask what does this mean to the current owners of the Nook Color? While it may still be receiving attention from Barnes and Nobles in regards of updates, is the development community still showing the same interest in the Nook Color today? From the research I have done the answer is yes. It seems many have held on to their Nook Colors in hopes of obtaining ICS on their device sometime in the future.

It seems a few major contributors in XDA’s development forum are working hard at getting ICS on the Color. Some of the people hard at work to get ICS up and running include fattire and dalingrin, they have covered some major ground but much still has to be done. From my time browsing the forums it looks like it still is going to be a uphill battle to get the Nook Color running smooth with ICS. So where are we standing today with the Nook Color?

Here’s what’s working:

  • bluetooth (pairing/file transfer only confirmed)
  • WiFi (full it seems but it’s brand-new to the kernel so who knows how stable anything is)
  • backlight
  • accelerometer
  • improved stability (but not perfect)
  • gapps
  • setcpu/overclock
  • real data usage info (not stubbed out)
  • battery levels/charging
  • physical menu button
  • touchscreen
  • 3d games
  • usb gadget in kernel (ie, mounting your sdcard to your computer)
  • screenshots
  • build system (to auto-create update.zips)

For sure not working yet:

  • sound
  • video
  • full 2d acceleration (esp on complex web pages)
  • and much much more

It looks like the ICS build on the Nook Color is giving some renewed hope to some owners who may have lost interest or hope with their or Nook Color. But with 99 pages and 275k views so far on this current project, it shows no signs of slowing down.

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Call2Schedule App Review – This App Will Help Keep You Organized!

Call2Schedule is a simple event scheduler that captures your callers incoming phone number and places it directly into the subject line of your calendars scheduler with the callers name from your phone book. This is how Knabtechs latest app is self described, and it is exactly what it does. This app is very simple,  but what it does can save a mobile professional time, and the embarrassment of a missed appointments. It does this by simplifying the process of inputting reminders and appointments in your phones calendar.


The app works simply by popping up a event scheduler after you receive a call, asking “Do you want to create even into calendar?” By hitting no, it will make the pop up box disappear, no further action is required. Hitting yes brings you to the event scheduler where you can now input any info that is needed to schedule an appointment or event that was made during the phone call. Its as simple as that. The program also gives you a few other options as well. The other options available are to have a event scheduler pop-up when you are finished with a outgoing call or a missed call, or just bypass the popup altogether and bring you right to the calendar event setup.


I found the personal list quick to set up and easy to use. What it did was  keep important business contacts close at hand, and helped me separate them from personal contacts. To operate the Personal List is open Call2Schedule, and than select Personal List. The first time in it will be empty. To add contacts to the Personal List, back up a step to where you first open Call2Schedule. All your contacts will be present, you will then hold your finger down on the contact you want moved to Personal List, it will then pop up an option to add the contact to the personal list, select it. Once selected it will be added to the new personal list. This option really made it easy to separate business and personal life, something that can really help a busy professional.

So who is Call2Schedule for? Well we touched on it above, but more specifically it is for mobile professionals and Realtors, people who are on the go and who use their phone to stay organized. This app really becomes a useful tool for those who do not have time to sit down and write out a schedule at the end of each day, as it gives you the ability to do that a person at a time as calls come in. I really like that it uses the calender already present on any Android Phone, especially since many add-on calendars synchronize with this stock calendar on the phone. Because of this it really gives Call2Schedule full functionality with almost any calendar app on the market.

Some of the best benefits I found worth highlighting are:

  • One time configurations.
  • Uses No Battery in background.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Best for busy professionals, really saves time.

If you need an app that will simplify the organization of your daily appointments, this is it.


You can find the app here in the market.

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SiriusXM Shows Off Lynx, An Android-Powered, Portable Radio

When I was flipping through my SiriusXM player the other day I was thinking about how cool it would be if it had some flavor of Android running it (seriously). Well it appears that someone over at SiriusXM can read minds because today they unveiled their latest portable satellite radio, the Lynx. Here’s the kicker, it runs Android! However we have no idea what flavor of Android. If you didn’t know that it ran Android though, chances are you never would. Considering that way back in the beginning of this year SiriusXM was working on bringing Sirius Radio to Android devices it looks like they took it the complete opposite way.

It can used in a dockable in-car radio, used in a home docking kit, or used as a portable music player on it’s own with playback through the 3.5mm headphones or you can even use bluetooth headphones.You can also connect to the the internet through WiFi to upgrade the software easily. This “SiriusXM 2.0″ device boasts the following features:

  • Tune Start™: Automatically starts the currently playing song from the beginning so listeners will hear the whole song when tuning to any of their satellite radio music channels saved as a Favorite channel.
  • Radio Replays: Subscribers can build a library of up to 200 hours of programming from their Favorite satellite radio channels which are automatically recorded to allow for playback anywhere.
  • Pause, Rewind and Replay: Listeners can replay up to 30 minutes of live SiriusXM content on the currently tuned channel, and also access replay content on 5 favorite preset channels currently displayed.
  • Featured Favorites™:  A dynamic set of presets that can be automatically added as favorite channels, allowing users to easily discover new and specialty programming.
  • Show Finder™: An easy-to-use electronic programming guide offering a complete list of what’s on over the next 7 days by channel, with the ability to set reminder alerts when favorite shows are being broadcast.

SiriusXM 2.0 features will be offered by the Lynx for listening to SiriusXM Internet Radio through WiFi networks at home, office or accessible hotspot, including:

  • Start Now allows subscribers to go back 5 hours to select and listen to previously broadcast programming.
  • View program information, album art and read artist bios.
  • Rewind to hear programming again or skip forward to hear what’s playing next.
  • Pause live radio and pick up right where the listener left off
  • Access to Show Finder™, the electronic programming guide.

While this may not be the Android you know and love it’s still Android at heart. Rest assured if there is a will there’s a way and someone will do what they can to root this device as we’ve seen with with Android’s first sports watch, the MOTOACTV. Maybe we will be able to play Angry Birds while we are driving down the road.

But seriously, I am pretty excited about this device and the features it has. I like the idea of playing songs from the start rather than finding a good one to listen to only to find it’s at the end of the song. One thing is for certain; it’s nice to see the Android OS expanding into other technological aspects. You can purchase one of these badboys at the SiriusXM web shop for $249.99. It’s a pretty penny, but the features may be worth it. If you purchase one of these let us know in the comments section what you think of it.


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