Eclipse 4 Book for Kindle available (Early Access Version)

Finally, I can announce that the first version of the Eclipse 4 RCP Book is available.

Eclipse 4 Application Development –
Eclipse 4 Application Development –

Not everything is completely polished, but it should be already a good starting point to develop Eclipse RCP applications with the Eclipse 4 framework. Once Eclipse 4 is officially released I will publish an update of the Kindle version which the buyers will get for free. Also after the official release I plan to publish a paper version.

Short content description:
This book gives a detailed introduction into the Eclipse 4 platform and covers all relevant aspects of Eclipse 4 development. It assumes no previous experience with Eclipse plug-in or Eclipse RCP development.

This description usually covers in a theoretical part the concepts of a specific topic and afterwards provides exercises and tutorials to practise these concepts.

After a short introduction into the Eclipse platform, you will create your first Eclipse 4 application using a project generation wizard. You will export this application as standalone application to finish a full development cycle early.

After this first fast development cycle, you will create a larger Eclipse 4 application. This application will be extended and reworked to cover all relevant aspects of the Eclipse 4 platform.

For example you will learn about the application model, SWT, JFace, OSGi services, Dependency Injection, Databinding, Internationalization, CSS styling and much more.


Many thanks to Mike Milinkovich for providing a foreword. I would like to thank Remy Suen, Paul Webster, Brian de Alwis, Tom Schindl, Eric Moffat, Kai Tödter and Boris Bokowski from the e4 development team for their shared efforts and their support in answering my questions over the last years. I’m very much impressed by their friendliness and knowledge.

A special thank you goes to Eric Moffat, Rabea Gransberger, Marcel Bruch and Boris Bokowski for a detailed review of the material. All remaining errors are my fault and I hope to have a few more reviewers of the book before the final release.

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