PowerA’s ‘Moga’ Bluetooth Gaming Conrtoller is Sure to Change the Game

Ever noticed how Android games are becoming more and more refined yet the ability to control them hasn’t? We are starting to see console quality games on phones and tablets and even more so on Tegra 3 devices. The only problem with having these awesome games is that the on screen touch controls never really seem to improve. I’ve found that the best way to play a game on my tablet is with a Bluetooth controller but when I want to use my phone I find that propping up the device when I am out and about can be quite annoying. Enter PowerA’s Moga bluetooth game controller for Android devices, a sure fire end to annoying game play on Android smartphones.

What makes the Moga controller different from the dozens of other Bluetooth controllers is that it has a pop-up smartphone clamp built in to the unit. Once opened, the clamp can strategically hold your smartphone and will pretty much replicate the perfect handheld gaming scenario. The controller even comes with a companion app that will decipher which of your installed games are compatible with an external controller and stores them neatly in one place.

The Moga game controller is due to be available in time for the 2012 holiday season but exact pricing and availability is still unknown. This is one Android accessory that has gotten our attention so you can be sure we will keep you up to date when any new information is available.

source: Engadget

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