Offline Map for Android

VGPS Offline Map for Android

VGPS (digitalmobilemap.com) is an offline turn-by-turn navigation app for Android and J2ME mobile devices. It is developed by Digital Mobile Map with map data from Garmin and OpenStreetMap.

Steps to generate offline map for Android

1. Download VGPSMapGenerator.zip (size 3300999).

2. After download VGPSMapGenerator.zip, unzip to c:\vgps folder in your PC.

3. Inside c:\vgps folder, you will find 3 bat files: mp2vgps.bat, osm2vgps.bat and JarMaker.bat. Open them with notepad and change the line:

set path=c:\windows;c:\windows\command;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16\bin;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16\lib;

to java JDK’s location on your PC. (If your PC does not have java JDK, you can download java JDK from www.oracle.com)

4. VGPS supports localization. You can translate the file language.txt to your language. When VGPS runs on your phone, VGPS will display all commands and messages in your language.

5. Inside c:\vgps folder, you will find 2 sample data files. Singapore.mp is sample data in Garmin polish format. London.osm is sample data in OpenStreetMap xml format. To get map data for other area, you can goto www.openstreetmap.org website, browse the area you want to get data then click on “Export” tab and select “OpenStreetMap XML Data” to download map data in OpenStreetMap xml format. Openstreetmap website won’t let you export an area with more than 5000 nodes, but it’s enough for a quick test of VGPSMapGenerator. If you want bigger osm files, try these places:

6. VGPS supports multi languages. Your map data can be saved in unicode UTF-8 format, VGPS will display street name and point name in your language.

7. run c:\vgps\mp2vgps.bat to import Garmin data (in polish format) to VGPS.

8. run c:\vgps\osm2vgps.bat to import OpenStreetMap data (in xml format) to VGPS.

9. If you have map data in other format, you can convert them into Garmin polish format and import it to VGPS.

10. After mp2vgps.bat or osm2vgps.bat finish, you will see 2 file VGPS.jar and VGPS179.jar

11. Copy VGPS.jar to android phone memory card.

12. Use VGPS Offline Map For Android to open the file VGPS.jar

Buy VGPS Offline Map for Android

You can buy VGPS Offline Map for Android from the Android Market. Click here to search VGPS in Android Market.

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